August 21, 2015

Last trout stocking was in March. There are a few trout holding in the creek inlet and chewing on night crawlers. During the 2 days of cold weather and rain last week, a good number of trout were caught at the launch ramp. There is no limit on trout.

While most lakes are drying up due to the drought, Laguna Niguel Lake levels never change. Our lake is always at 100% capacity! Lake temperature is at 77 degrees with a hint of blue green algae.

The lake has a surprising number of quality bass, black crappie, bluegill and catfish that survived the 'brown cloud' algae bloom last August. Fishermen targeting bass are reporting fish averaging 2lb to 3lb's and up to 6lbs in size. Thousands of bass fry are in the lake due to a very successful spawn this spring. Bass are chewing on night crawlers and most artificial baits. Early morning and late afternoon are the best times to fish. Monster black crappie 'SLABS' have been reported hitting crappie jigs and night crawlers in deeper water by the aeration bubble holes. Thousands of bluegill are keeping the kids busy with night crawlers working best. Monster catfish swim in the 44 acre lake. Fisherman targeting catfish have been reporting big fish holding tight to cover with mackerel and trout guts working best.

All warm water species are catch and release.

No limit on trout and carp.

Reduced 'Summer' rates start Friday May 01, 2015.

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