LARGEMOUTH BASS: Fishermen are reporting catch and releasing an average of 10 to 30 bass a day with the majority of fish in the 2lb to 6lb class. There are some monster bass in this lake that have been gorging on trout all winter! Bass to 12lbs in size have been caught and released off their beds the last couple of weeks. Bass have been gorging on baby bass fry, bluegill and crappie.

Water is clear with 15’ to 20’ visibility. Bass are everywhere and are holding tight to cover around the entire back side of the lake and the big island. A fantastic top water bite has been reported in the early morning and again in the late afternoon. Zara spooks, Pop R’s, Frogs and Chatter baits working best. Swim baits and plastic worms/lizards producing bass in the middle of the day. Lots of smaller bass continue to hang out under the boat dock and are being caught on night crawlers.

BLACK CRAPPIE: A great showing on black crappie this Spring as fishermen are catching some ‘slabs’ in the middle of the lake. Big numbers of crappie are also holding under the boat dock and in the channel alongside the big island. Crappie jigs and night crawlers are working best for bait.

BLUEGILL: An easy catch for the little ones! Bluegill are spawning and chewing anything that gets close to their beds. Meal worms and night crawlers working best for bait.

CATFISH: L Laguna Niguel Lake has an impressive population of channel catfish. Bite is best in the early morning and late afternoon/evening. Catfish are holding tight to cover and are chewing chunks of cut mackerel and shrimp. Chris Dukot caught a 10lb and a 22lb catfish pitching fish guts in the trees on the back side of the lake.

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