March 31, 2015

38,500lbs of 'Tail walker' rainbow trout have been trucked in from Bridgeport Nebraska this trout season. A new lake record!

1,000lbs of 'Tail walkers' were stocked on Wednesday March 25th. This will be the last stocking of rainbow trout this season.

Warming water temperatures has slowed down the trout fishing last week with the majority of trout being caught in deeper water by the bubble holes and by the dam. Shoreline fishermen are doing best in the morning and late afternoon when the weather is cooler. Float tubers/fly fishermen still catching trout in the flats. Trout are biting on any colored power bait, white, pink and green mouse tails, inflated night crawlers dipped in 'bite on' garlic scent. Fly fisherman catching trout on black/red zebra midges and blood midges fished 4" off the bottom. The lake temperature is 74 degrees with much improved water clarity. There is a large number of 'hold over' trout including this week's stocking. The trout fishing should remain good all the way through April!

The lake has a surprising number of quality bass that survived the 'brown cloud' algae bloom last August. Fishermen targeting bass are reporting fish up to 6lbs in size holding on nesting beds in 4' of water.

Big trout of the week was caught by Jarrett M. of Los Angeles with a 6lb 04oz tailwalker that hit a pink mouse tail in zone 3. Bryan H. of Laguna Niguel weighed in a 6lb trout throwing a jerk bait for bass off the boat dock. Dan Bruette of Lake Forest weighed in a 5lb 04oz trout that was caught on garlic power bait in zone 1. Mark Helmueller visiting from Austin Texas caught a 5lb 03oz trout throwing a Phoebe lure in zone 4.

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